How To Get More Pickaxes In Monopoly GO

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How To Get More Pickaxes In Monopoly GO

Postprzez Jimekalmiya » 2 kwi 2024, o 01:07

Pickaxes are your trusty companions for uncovering cool rewards and enhancing your gameplay in Monopoly Go. However, lots of players do not know how to get more pickaxes in the game. Luckily, we’ve got you covered in this guide, we’ll explore a couple of simple methods to get more pickaxes in Monopoly GO!

1. Free Daily Prizes: The game offers free gifts daily, and you can earn a small number of tokens by collecting these gifts. For that, simply visit the game store and collect your free gifts.

2. Quick Wins: Quick Wins tasks are simple objectives that players can complete daily to earn rewards. You can complete these tasks daily to get pickaxes, dice rewards, and other rewards.

3. Events and Tournaments: Many themed events and tournaments offer pickaxes as exclusive rewards for completing milestones or performing well on the leaderboard.

4. Milestone Rewards: As you progress through the game and reach specific milestones, you’ll be rewarded with pickaxes along with other prizes.

5. In-App Purchases: You can buy pickaxes using in-game currency or gems.

Overall, consistent gameplay and participating in events are key to maximizing your pickaxe collection!

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How To Get More Pickaxes In Monopoly GO


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