Publish One Ultimate Guide Greater Than 3000 Words

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Publish One Ultimate Guide Greater Than 3000 Words

Postprzez hensen5005 » 21 wrz 2023, o 22:19

Now you’ve got a traffic goal in mind and a schedule to write often, so what should you be writing?

Well, if you haven’t at least attempted long form content, try to dedicate some time this year to really focusing on making one piece of epic content, greater than 3000 words.

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After all, long form content tends to do better than shorter content.

If you feel a bit intimidated by this one, remember, it doesn’t have to be accomplished tomorrow. Work your way up to it. Set smaller goals monthly to increase the length of your content gradually, and in no time you will be able to produce content of 3000 words or more!

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Increase Your Email Opt-In Rate By 50%
There are many ways to increase your traffic, and not all of them are simply about writing a lot of posts and ranking in Google.

Another is increasing the size of your email list so as to benefit from the direct traffic later on.

And that can be accomplished without changing your traffic at all, as long as you work on some of your standard conversion rate optimization techniques.

At a minimum, make sure:

You have a place to opt in on every blog post
You are using teasers to increase open rates
You are testing different opt-in places such as the sidebar, author box, help bar, scroll pop up and others to see what produces the best result.
Undoubtedly, a day spent reading articles about email conversion rate optimization and implementing some new opt-in boxes will be a day well spent!

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Make Connections With 12 Influencers And Feature Them On Your Blog
Influencers are an important part of your content marketing strategy.

Pick one person every month and engage with them. Use these 12 tactics to build a relationship with them.

Then, when the time is right, feature them. You can link to their post, or get a quote from them, for example.

Let them know about it when it’s published, and see if they will share.

One year from now you’ll have 12 valuable relationships you don’t have now – how does that sound?
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Publish One Ultimate Guide Greater Than 3000 Words


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