Monopoly Go: Tips To Get Rich Fast

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Monopoly Go: Tips To Get Rich Fast

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Money is everything in Monopoly Go. In this game, your goal is to become as rich as you possibly can, just like how it is for everyone’s favorite board game of the same name. But to get rich quickly, you’ll need to be very consistent. This guide will show you all the best ways you can make money so you can get rich fast in Monopoly Go, allowing you to become the very best capitalist like no one ever was!

Method #1: Roll The Dice

The number one way to farm lots of money quickly is to ensure you can roll the dice as many times as possible to get rewards from the board. Some spaces give you more money than others, such as:

Railroad Spaces: Triggers either a bank heist or a shutdown, which allows you to steal money from other players.
Chance Spaces: Triggers a random event that may give you a random amount of money or dice.
Property Spaces: Allows you to collect rent money from other players.

Method #2: Complete Sticker Albums

Aside from collecting dice and rolling them to get money from the board, collecting stickers should also be one of your main priorities if you want to get rich quickly in Monopoly Go. You mainly get Stickers by participating in events or completing Quick Wins weekly, but just playing the game regularly will reward you with lots of Stickers over time. But there are some ways can help you complete Sticker Albums fast:

Buying Monopoly Go Stickers: This is the fastest way to complete albums. You just need to use code "Mods” that buy stickers for Monopoly Go with 5% off on U4gm, 100% legal!
Trading Monopoly Go Stickers: Trading stickers in Monopoly Go can be a fun way to interact with other players and get the stickers you need to boost your game. Before trading, understand well how rare and valuable your stickers are. Don't give them away for nothing!

Method #3: Participate In Events

Participating in events is the most straightforward way to get more money. In most events, you are required to get a set amount of event-exclusive resources, which can be obtained from some tiles on the board or by completing certain tasks. Collect enough of these event-exclusive resources and you’ll be given milestone rewards. You can even climb the multiplayer leaderboard for additional ranking rewards You also need to watch out for time-limited events, such as:

Sticker Boom Event: This is an in-game event in Monopoly GO that increases the Monopoly Go sticker counts for players when they open a sticker pack.
Wheel Boost: This is an event where players can spin the color wheel twice at completed property sets’ hotels, increasing rewards like cash, dice, and sticker packs.

Method #4: Claim Daily Check-In and Shop Rewards

The easiest way to get rich quickly in Monopoly Go is to just stay active as often as you can, as the game showers you with money and dice just by checking in every once in a while via the Daily Treats feature. You also get a gift every 8 hours in the shop which you can claim for free, even stickers if you’re lucky, so don’t forget to claim them!

Method #5: Complete Quick Wins

The Quick Wins feature is Monopoly Go's version of dailies, which are tasks you must complete to claim certain rewards every day and week. Completing Quick Wins is the most consistent way to farm both money and dice in the long haul, not to mention it also gives you a 5-star Sticker Pack every week!

Quick Wins can be accessed by tapping the 'Wins' icon in the bottom left of the game screen. From there you'll get taken to the Quick Wins page. Basically every day you get three Quick Win tasks to complete before the 24-hour time runs out. Complete the individual Quick Wins (just one or all three) to get points towards the weekly prize bar at the bottom of the Quick Wins page which is where the best prize is!

Getting rich fast in Monopoly Go is quite easy if you just take full advantage of all the methods listed above. Good Luck!
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Monopoly Go: Tips To Get Rich Fast


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