Will Madden 23 be coming to the Nintendo Switch

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Will Madden 23 be coming to the Nintendo Switch

Postprzez rodeoneerer » 14 cze 2022, o 05:22

As the NFL season gets underway and the annual Madden game is released, many football fans are eagerly anticipating these events. As with the last two years’ releases, it’s expected that Madden 23 will be released in the summer of 2022 for both old and new console generations. What about the Nintendo Switch, on the other hand?

Will Madden 23 be coming to the Nintendo Switch?
While nothing has been announced at this time, Madden 23 will likely release during the end of the summer in 2022 (similar to prior Madden games). There will be both old and next-generation console versions available for players to purchase.

There has never been a Nintendo Switch version of a Madden football game in the past. However, with more games becoming available to play on the Switch, many wonder if EA Sports will add Nintendo Switch to its supported platforms.

On June 2, EA Sports and the Madden team revealed the first gameplay trailer for Madden. In it, EA highlighted some of the new gameplay changes coming to Madden 23, including the addition of upgraded mechanics. Additionally, the trailer highlighted the new Fieldsense gameplay engine.

Whether or not Electronic Arts decides to change course and release a Nintendo Switch version of Madden 23 remains to be seen. Sports games like NBA 2K, FIFA, and MLB The Show have already been released on the Nintendo Switch. However, only time will tell if this run will continue beyond 2022.

Especially since EA Sports has been adamant about expanding the Madden and EA brand for the last several years, and one area they’ve neglected seems to be the Nintendo Switch. So, with the rise of the Switch and EA Sports’ perceived ingenuity, I could certainly see it happening this time around.

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Will Madden 23 be coming to the Nintendo Switch


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